15 November 2007

Interviewing Sir William Paterson

Farrakh: Good afternoon Sir William Paterson and thank you for taking time to see me today.

William: no problem thank you for having me, So what kind of questions would you like to ask me about?

Farrakh: I was interested in how you founded Bank of England.

William: Well i can say it was'nt easy but i returned to London from the Bahamas and made my fortune with foreign trade (primarily with the West Indies) in the Merchant Taylor Company. In 1694, I founded the Bank of England, described in my pamphlet A Brief Account of the Intended Bank of England, to act as the English government's banker. I proposed a loan of £1.2m to the government; in return the subscribers would be incorporated as The Governor and Company of the Bank of England with banking privileges including the issue of notes. The Royal Charter was granted on July 27, 1694.

Farrakh: Wow thats very interesting and as much as i'd love to hear more about how you founded Bank of england im afraid we are out of time also i am very grateful that you took time from your busy schedule to see me and i hope we can have another interview in the future.

William: I hope so and also thank you for having me, goodbye.

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Favourite class

My favourite class at the moment i'd have to say would be either web design with the tutor maswari tonderai or hardware and systems with susan gibb for the moment ill go for hardware and systems because i've fallen alittle behind in web design, I'd say i like hardware and systems as my favourite at the moment because generally what i want to do after i leave college is build and repair computers and thats basically what stage we are going to reach soon.

The highlight of my week so far

The best thing thats happened to me this week probably has to be when i went to the pub on Wednesday with a few friends and had a game of pool, The main reason i found this entertaining was because i was socialising with new people in my class and doing something i enjoyed.

Radio 1 DVD

Beggining's Of Radio 1:

Radio 1 first began in september 3rd 1967.
There are 42million people who lsiten to radio 1.


Some producers of radio 1 are : - Andy Parfit(radio controller)
-Will kinder (producer)


The Dj's at radio 1 are as follow's:

Colin murray
Zane Lowe
Joe Willey
Chris moylles
Dave Pierce


A-List is played 25-30 times a week.

B-List is played 10-20 times a week.

C-List is played 5 times a week.

Sarita Jagpal is a playlist editor at radio 1.

Alex Jones Pannely is a music producer at radio 1.